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Pureous TM is Different

PureousTM offers a complete line of powerfully effective and environmentally friendly cleaning products for Fly Ash/CCR/CCP Heavy Metal Fix. Our products are tested and proven for to effectively remediate and clean. For example, our PureousTM Heavy Metal Fix works by leveraging key scientific principles to powerfully and effectively remediateheavy metal contamination from CCR, Soil, and water in situ or ex situ. It is both cost effective and environmentally safe while being a fast-acting solution. None of our products contain toxins or harsh chemicals. Intended for commercial applications and use by professionals. No frills. No Mess. No odors. No dangerous, toxic, or harmful chemicals.
Most cleaning, remediation and odor products are worse than the problems they try to solve. PureousTM Products are proven to be more effective than the competition, safer for the environment and healthier for people and animals. Using PureousTM Products actively improves indoor air quality.Unlike other cleaning, remediation and odor elimination products PureousTM patented and proprietary products are proven effective without exposing people to toxins, harsh chemicals, allergens or volatile organic compounds (VOCs). PureousTM uses a revolutionary technology that produces ZERO VOCs and has been proven to be more effective than the competition and safer for people, animals and the environment. This innovative technology is also cost-effective allowing for better, more efficient cleaning that becomes easier and requires less product over time.