The Safer Way To

Degrease And Clean

Product Ordering
CONDC001 Degreaser & Cleaner 1 gal - Concentrate
CONDC401 Degreaser & Cleaner case (4 X1 gal) - Concentrate
CONDC005 Degreaser & Cleaner 5 gal - Concentrate
CONDC055 Degreaser & Cleaner 55 gal - Concentrate
CONDC275 Degreaser & Cleaner 275 gal - Concentrate


PureousTM Degreaser and Cleaner is a revolutionary new product that works by use of PureousTM powered technology that cleans at the molecular level. Unlike other cleaners it attacks dirt, stains, oils, grease, grime & odors at the source rendering them bio-unavailable making them go away and stay away forever.


PureousTM Degreaser and Cleaner is an easy to use all-purpose cleaner that will effectively clean all types of surfaces including windows, mirrors, floors, walls, restrooms, sinks, urinals, toilets, kitchens, stoves, tile & grout, stainless steel, table surfaces, concrete floors, counter tops and more…. By stocking PureousTM in your inventory you can minimize SKU’s, Inventory surplus, storage, and employee training.

Green & Safe

PureousTM Products are environmental, animal and people friendly. They contain none of the toxins, harsh chemicals, fragrances, dyes, allergens, or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found in many traditional cleaning products. This product also removes toxins and harsh chemicals that can build up over time, improving indoor air quality and making the environment healthier every time you use PureousTM.